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Way down h  ere      you need a r  eason to m  ove
Feel a fool    r  unning your st  ateside ga  mes
Lose your lo  ad    leave your   mind behin  d
Baby James
O  h      Mexi  co   
It s  ounds so s  imple I ju  st got to g  o
The s  un's so h  ot I forg  ot to go ho  me
G  uess I'll h  ave to go   now
"Am  ericano  " got the   sleepy ey  e
But   his body's   still shakin  g like a live w  ire
Sleepy "  Senorita  " with the   eyes on fi  re
O    Mexic  o    
It sound  s so sweet   with the s  un sinking l  ow
Moon's   so brigh  t like to ligh  t up the ni  ght
Ma  ke everythi  ng all rig  ht
Baby'  s hungry   and the m  oney's al  l gone
The folks   back h  ome don't wa  nt to talk on the ph  one
She gets a lon  g lette  r sends back   a postcar  d; times are hard
O  h      down   in Mexic  o
I neve  r really b  een so I do  n't really k  now
O    Mexic  o    
I gu  ess I'll ha  ve to go n  ow
O  h  M  exico       
I neve  r really b  een but I'd   sure like to g  o
O    Mexic  o    
I gu  ess I'll h  ave to go   now


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