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Paroles et musique :James V Taylor
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I d  o believe I mus  t believe
I think   I can begin      again.  
B  ecome again the man   I was back when  .
So I'm w  alking on your stree  ts again  
F  eeling now as I   did then  
I've si  nce become a diffe  rent man.  
L  ondon Town tur  n me aro  und    Lon  don   Town
Carr  y me back   oh L  ondon Town
Lost   and found   and I feel   like g  oing back  
I can reme  mber lots of time   and space  
If I l  ose the name
Still I k  now the face  s.
T  ime as come and left   its trace  s.
L  ondon Town turn   me arou  nd     Lon  don   Town
Car  ry me back   oh L  ondon Town
Lost a  nd found   and I feel   like goi  ng back.  
W  hen I grew too old   and dull to roc  k 'n roll
Like to h  old on tight to you darl  ing.
And w  hen my fires have all b  urned out
I  'd like to think I can still   think about
The things   I used to sing about
When I was s  pending all my tim  e alone.  
B  y myself and on   my own   
S  eldom seen and quit  e unknown.  
L  ondon Town turn   me aro  und    Lo  ndon   Town
Car  ry me back   oh L  ondon Town
Lost   and found   and I feel l  ike go  ing back.  
Yes I feel l  ike go  ing back.  


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