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Intro : D   A   Bm   G  (2x)
 A It's  seventy-two  Bm degrees. Zéro chanc G e of rain. It's be D en a p A  erfect day
 A We're all spinning Bm  on our heels, so far away from real  G in Cal D iforn. A  I.A.
 E7 We watched the sunset from my car, we all t G  ook it in
 Em By the time that it was d G ark. You and me had something  A 
 D And if this what we've g A ot, then what we got is  Bm  gold »
We're shinin G g bright. 1 want you, I want you to  D  know
The mo G rning's on it's wa A y. Our frien Bm  ds all said goodbye
There's nowhere else to  G go, I hope that you'll  - stay the n D  ight
 D   A   Bm   G 
 A We've been singing billi Bm e jean mixing vodka with cafein G  e
Got strangers stopping b D y      A 
 A And though y Bm ou're out of tune, girl you blow my mind you do   G 
And all I'd say is I don D 't want to say good nigh A  t
 E7 If there's no quiet corner to g G  et to know each other
 Em Then there's no hurry. I' G m a patient man as you'l A  l discover
 E Just l G ike the song D  on my A/C#  radio sai Bm d       E        G 
We'll share the sh D elter  A/C# of my sing Bm le bed  E        G 
But it's a d D iffere A/C# nt tune th Bm at's st A uck in my head and G  it go A7  es


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