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Papa, why do you play all the same old songs
And why do you sing with the melody
Caus'down on the street, something's going on
There's a brand new beat and a brand new song
(she said)
  In my life there was so much   anger
  Still I have no regrets  
  Just like you I was suc  h a rebel
  So danger and dance and never forg  et
N'oubliez jamai  s
I heard my father sa  y
Every generation has its way  
A need to disobe  y
N'oubliez jama  is
It's in your destin  y
A need to disagree  
When moves get in the way    
N'oubliez jamai  s      
N'oubliez jamais        
  Mama, why do you dance to   the same old   songs
Why do you sing o  n the harmony       
Down on the street  , something's going   on
There's a brand new beat an  d a brand new song    
(she said)
  In my heart there's a young   boy's passion
  For a life long du  et
  And someday soon, someone smile will ha  unt you
  So sing your love song and never forget    
  What is this g  ame searching for love or   fame
It's   all the   same
  One of these day  s you'll say that love w  ill be the cu  re
I'm not so sure
  It's in your des  tiny
A need to disagree  
When moves get in the way       
N'oubliez jamais   (5 fois)


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Dernière modification : 2004-01-01
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