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Intro :        
All my life has   been a myste  ry    
You and I were   never ever meant to   be    
That's why I   call my love for you a myste  ry          
Different coun  try    
You and I have always   lived in a different coun  try    
And I know that airline tic  kets don't grow on a   tree    
So what kept us a  part is plain for me to   see    
That much at least is   not really a myste  ry          
I live in a   houseboat on an estua  ry    
Which is handy for my   work with the Port Au  thority    
But I know you would have   found it insanita  ry    
Insanita  ry          
  Taken a violent dislike to me,   
I'd be foolish to i  gnore the possibili  ty    
That if we'd ever actually   met, you might have hated   me    
Still, that's not the only   problem that I can   see          
Dead since 19  73     
You've been dead   now... wait a minute, let me   see...    
Fifteen years come   next Janua  ry     
As a human   being you are   history    
So why do I still long   for you?
Why is my love so   strong for you?
Why did I write this   song for you?
W (silence)                       ell, I guess it's just the myst  ery   
  Mystery !


LeTontonLeTonton, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2019-11-30
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