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Intro : Db   Db 
 Db It's  Bbm never been easy for  Fm  me
To find  Ebm words to go  Ebm/Db along with a  Ab7/C  melody
But  Db this time there's actually  Db/B something on my Gb/Bb  mind
So  Ebm7 please forgive these few brief awkward Ab(sus4)  lines        Ab 
 Db Since I met you  Bbm my whole life has  Fm  changed
It's  Ebm not just my f Ebm/Db urniture you've re Ab7/C  -aranged
I was  Db living in the  Db/B past but some  Gb/Bb  how you've brought me back
And I  Ebm7 haven't felt like this since before Ab(sus4)  Franky said "Rel Ab  ax"
And though I  Bbm know, Based on Ab/C  my track  Db  record
I might not  Db/F seem like the  Gb safest bet   Fm       Ebm7 
All I'm asking Ab(sus4)  you,
Is  Ab don't write me off just  Db yet   Gb/Db 
 Db   Gb/Db 
For  Db years I've been telling  Bbm myself the same old  Fm  story
That I'm  Ebm happy to live off my  Ebm/Db so called former  Ab7/C  glories
But you've  Db given me a  Db/B reason to  Gb/Bb  take another chance
Now I  Ebm7 need you despite the fact that Ab(sus4)  you've killed all my pla Ab  nts
And though I  Bbm know, I've alrea Ab/C dy blown more  Db  chances
Than anyone should Db/F  ever g Gb et    Fm       Ebm7 
All I'm asking Ab(sus4)  you,
Is  Ab don't write me off just  Db yet   Ebm7 
Don Ab 't write me off just  Db yet   Gb/Db          Db 


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