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Paroles :Hollysiz
Musique :Nucci Maxim
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Intro :        
  You always dream of peaceful   life
  A little house and a smiley   wife
  You've changed for good
No one can blow your mind
But you   cheat and you   lie and
You're   out every   night again
  You always say I'm your biggest   pride
  When comes the sun you're by my s  ide
  You crawl under the bed, and denied
But you c  heat and you l  ie and
You're o  ut every   night again    
        Ok...      O  k...             
  I try, I try to never answer your c  alls
  I try to play the girl who can live a  lone
  I've tried to kick you out and dump you off twice
But you   cheat and you   lie and
You're o  ut every   night again
  The stables empty but my pain is d  ry
  The proud stallion's out for a r  ide
  Spring will appear, all the bees will fly
But the   flowers will f  ade, you'll be b  ack
And I'll   be your m  aid
Ok...Ok...Get away


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2014-11-02
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