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Intro : A   C#m   D   D(dim)(XX0131)
 A If you don't know me by C#m7  now,
you will n D ever, never, never know me, D(dim)  oooh... A 
All the things C#m7     that we've been throug D  h
You should un-der-stand me Bm7   like I understand yo A  u
Now ba-by,  I know the diff 'rence C#m   between right and wron D  g
I ain't gon-na do nothing D/E   to upset happy hom C  e
Oh, don't get so excited Fmaj7     
when I come home a little late at ni Dm7  ght
'cause we're only acting like children D/E   
when we argue, fuss a E7  nd fight now,babe
 A If you don't know me by  C#m7  now,
you will n D ever, never, never know me, D(dim)  oooh...  A 
We all got C#m7     our own funny mood D  s
I've got  mine, D/E   woman, you've got yours E7 ,  to A  o
Just trust in me C#m   like I trust in yo D  u
As long as we've been together Bm7   that should be so easy to d C  o
Just get yourself togethe Fmaj7  r   
or we might as well say good- Dm7  bye
What good is a love affai D/E 
when we can't see eye E7  to  eye ?
Refrain (2x)
Accords :
D(dim) (xx0131)
D/E    (xx2232)
E7     (020100)


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