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Capo II
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 Em Clair, Em7     the mo Am7 ment I met you I  D7 swear   D6 
I f Bm7 elt as if something,  Em somewhere Em7 
Had happ Am7 ened to me which I c D7 ouldn't s D6  ee
And th Em en    Em7    the  Am7 moment I met you ag D7 ain   D6 
I k Bm7 new in my heart that  Em we were friends    Em7 
It  Am7 had to be so it cou D7 ldn't be  D6  no
But  G try as  E7 hard as I might do, I d Am7 on't know  A2  why
You g D7 et to me in a way I c Gmaj7  an't describe
 Cmaj7/G Words mean so little when you  Em/C#  look up and smile
I don't  Em7 care what people say, to me you're A7  more than a child
Oh  Am7 Clair,  C D7  lair
 Em Clair, Em7     i Am7 f ever a moment so D7  rare     D6 
 Bm7 Was captured for all to Em  compare        Em7 
That  Am7 moment is you in a D7 ll that you  D6  do
But  G why in s E7 pite of your age difference  Am7 do I cry   A2 
Ea D7 ch time I leave you I feel  Gmaj7  I could die.
 Cmaj7/G Nothing means more to me than  Em/C#  hearing you say
I'm going to m Em7 arry you, will you marry  A7  me? Uncle Ray
Oh C Am7 lair,  D7  Clair
Instrumental : Em   Em7   Am7   D7   D6   Bm7 
               Em   Em7   Am7   D7 
 Em Clair, Em7     I Am7 've told you before Don't y D7 ou dare!    D6 
Get  Bm7 back into  Em bed,  can't you se Am7 e that it's  D7  late
No, you  Bm7 can't have a  Em  drink
Oh! a Am7 llright then, but wai D7 t just a  G  minute
 E7 While I, in an effort to b Am7 abysit    A2 
 D7 Catch up on my breath what there is  Gmaj7  left of it
 Cmaj7/G You can be murder at this  Em/C#  hour of the day.
But in the  Em7 morning, this hour will seem a lif A7  e-time away
Oh  Am7 Clair,  D7  Clair


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