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  Take   my h  ome   
  Take   ever  ythi  ng I own
  Take   it,   take   control
You   will fee  l better
You   will fee  l whole          
You'  re so g  ood
You stop  ped me w  here I stood
And   let me l  ook at lo  ve a  nd I feel better
O  h I feel good
I jus  t wanna give it   all to you
I wan  na share this   with you
Make   you mine and mi  ne will be a  ll yours
W  hatever you want and more
  What I'm ant  icipating
Eve  rything else   would be overrated
Baby   it's for yo  u it's all   for you   
Y  ou sp  eak kind
  Oh if   you were   mine   
  What w  ould we   be lik  e
  We would be   liked
  We would be
  Everyt  hing els  e woul  d be overrated
  Everyt  hing els  e woul  d be overrated
  Open u  p                 
  Let me   fill yo  ur cup  
  I can   really p  our it   out
It   will be like
  I wil  l be enough
  Baby it  's for you
  Baby it  's for you
  Baby it's for   you it's al  l for you                  


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-06-04
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