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[Refrain :]
 E Irene, G B7  oodnight
Irene, Goodn E  ight
Goodnight,  E7 Irene, Goodnigh A  t, Irene
I'll  B7 get you in my d E  reams.
 E I asked your mother f B7  or you
She told me that you was too  E  young
I wish, dear L E7 ord, that I'd never see A  n your face
I'm so B7 rry you ever was  E  born.
 E Sometimes I live in the  B7  country,
Sometimes I live in  E  town.
Sometimes I h E7 ave a great not A  ion
To jump in B7 to the river and d E  rown.
 E Stop ramblin'and stop gam B7  blin'
Quit staying out late at n E  ight
Go home to your  E7 wife and your fami A  ly
Stay do B7 wn by the fireside br E  ight
 E I loves Irene, God k B7  nows I do
Love her till the sea runs  E  dry
If Irene t E7 urns her back  A  on me
I'm go B7 nna take morphine an E  d die


elnadino, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2014-12-18
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