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 E In a cavern, in a canyon excavating B7  for a mine;
Dwelt a  A miner, forty-ni E ner, and his  B7 daughter Clemen E  tine.
[Refrain :]
Oh my  E darling, oh my darling, oh my B7  darling Clementine
You are  A lost and gone foreve E r, dreadful  B7 sorry, Cleme E  ntine.
Light she  E was, and like a fairy, And her shoes were n B7  umber nine
Herring  A boxes without to E pses, Sandals w B7 ere for Clement E  ine.
Walking  E lightly as a fairy, Though her shoes were  B7  number nine,
Sometimes  A tripping, lightly sk E ipping, Lovely  B7 girl, my Cle E  mentine
Drove she  E ducklings to the water Ev'ry mo B7  rning just at nine,
Hit her  A foot against a  E splinter, Fell  B7 into the foaming b E  rine.
Ruby  E lips above the water, Blowing bu B7  bbles soft and fine,
But a A las, I was no s E wimmer, Neith B7 er was my Clem E  entine.
In a  E churchyard near the canyon, Where the m B7  yrtle doth entwine,
There grow  A rosies and some  E posies, Fert B7 ilized by Cleme E  ntine.
Then, the  E miner, forty-niner, Soon beg B7  an to fret and pine,
Thought he  A oughter join his da E ughter, So he' B7 s now with Clem A  entine.
I'm so  E lonely, lost without her, Wish I'd had a  B7  fishing line,
Which I  A might have cast a E bout her, Might  B7 have saved my C E  lementine.
In my d E reams she still doth haunt me, Robed in ga B7  rments soaked with brine,
Then she  A rises from the w E aters, And B7  I kiss my Cle E  mentine.
Listen  E fellers, heed the warning Of thi B7  s tragic tale of mine,
Arti A ficial respi E ration Could hav B7 e saved my Clem E  entine
How I  E missed her, how I missed her, How  B7  I missed my Clementine,
Til I  A kissed her little  E sister, And f B7 orgot my Clem E  entine.


elnadino, version 1.0


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Dernière modification : 2014-12-18
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