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Intro :                 
    Sa  ying I lo  ve you is no  t the words I   want to he  ar from y   ou
It's   not that I   want you n  ot to say but   if you o  nly kne   w
How   ea-sy    It would be to   show me   how you    feel
More than   words is   all you have to   do to make it    real
Then you   wouldn't have to   say that you    love me 'cos
  I'd  alr  eady kn   ow
What w  ould you   do if my   heart was   torn in    two
More than   words to show you   feel that your   love for me is    real
What   would you   say if I   took those   words aw   ay ?
Then you   couldn't make things    new
Just by   saying I love    you
    No  w that I've tr  ied to    ta  lk to you and ma  ke you un  derst   and
  All that you   have to do is   close your eyes and   just reach   out your    hands
And t  ou--ch me    hold me close don't   ever   let me    go
More than w  ords is   all I ever   need-ed you to    show
Then you   wouldn't have to   say that you    love me
Cos   I'd all   ready    know


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