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Intro :              
At   las  t        my l  ove ha  s come alo  ng            
my lo  nely day  s are o  ver     
and   life is l  ike a   song  ,  Oh      ye  ah     
At   las  t        the skies   above    are   blue             
and my   heart    was wrapped in    clover  
the night   I        looked at you                             
I found a dre  am that   I  could speak    to
a dream that   I                can   call my own       
I found a   thril  l  to press my   cheek   to
a   thrill   I  have nev  er  know,    Oh  yeah,    yeah
You smiled,          oh    and then      the   spell was cast                    
and here we are    in   heav   en
for you are   mine          at last           
for you are    mine    at   last                                
A7  (575655)     D7/A     (x00212)     G     (355433)
Am7 (575555)     D9/F#    (2x0210)     G6    (320000)
Bm7 (224232)     D#7      (x6564x)     G7    (353433)
D   (xx0232)     F7(dim)  (xx3434)     G13   (353453)
D7  (x5453x)     F#7(dim) (xx4545)     Gmaj7 (xx5432)


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