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I got the bl C ues from my baby left me  F by the San Francisco C  Bay,
The  F ocean liner's gone so far a C  way.
 F Didn't mean to treat her so bad, she was the C  best girl I e A7 ou A  ver have had,
She s D7 aid goodbye, I can take a cry G  , I wanna lay down and die.
I a C in't got a nickel and I  F ain't got a lousy  C  dime.
 F She don't come back, think I'm gonna lose my m E  ind.
(I F f she) ever gets back to stay, it's gon C na be another b A7 ou A  rand new day,
 D7 Walking with my baby down  G by the San Francisco C  Bay.
 C Sitting down  F looking from my C  back door, wondering whic F h way  C  to go,
 F The woman I'm so crazy about, she don't love me no m C  ore.
Think I'll catch me a freight train, 'cause I'm feeling blue,
And ride all the way to the end of the line, thinking only of you.
 C Meanwhile, F  in anoth C er city, just about F  to g C  o insane,
 F Thought I heard my baby, Lord, the  E  way she used to call my name.
If I ever get her back to stay, it's gonna be another brand new day,
Walking with my baby down by the San Franci ...         sco Bay.    A7 ou A 
 D7 Walking ...  with my baby down by the San Francisco Bay.
Walking with my baby down by the San Francisco Bay.
Finale : G   A   C   G   C 


 Berzin, version 1.0


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