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  From the coast of Vica  nina, to the   athem of old bre  eth
A  ll the way to Cono  loga, I will follow yo  u, wherever you may be      
F  rom the moment beside you,   fell my heart   cannot be free    
H  ave to hold you in my arms  , like there can neve  r be another one    
A  ll I need, is a   rhythm di  vine
L  ost in the musi  c, your h  eart will be m  ine
A  ll I need, is the   look in your   eyes
V  iva la mus  ica,   say you'll be m  ine
  Can you feel the evil   passion, can yo  u taste of the sweet win  e
  Enjoy the dance, 'cause i  t'll happen, and your wo  rld won't get off my mind  
  There's the music gettin'close  r, can you foll  ow my smil  e
  I will get you in my   arms, and the rythm's ta  king over I can't te  ll
  Our love is lasting fo  rever
  Come live this moment togeth  er
  Nothing else matte  rs, but you in the ni  ght
  Come sit one moment beside me     
  And the rythm's taking your hea  rt
  Nothing can stop us  , compending it all   
Yo  u are my heart, you  're my soul
  Can you feel the   rhythm
  Can you feel the r  hythm
  Can you feel the r  hythm
  Burning, burn  ing


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-09-28
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