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Paroles :Barry Mason
Musique :Les Reed
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Intro :                 
   I wondered should I go or should I   stay     
   The band had only   one more song to   play     
   And then I saw you out the corner of my   eyes     
   A little girl a  lone and so   shy.
[Refrain :]
  I  h  ad  th  e las  t wa  ltz with yo  u         
  Two lon  ely p  eople to  gether
  I  f  ell in lo  ve with y  ou
The   last waltz should last f  orever.
   But the love we had was goin's  trong    
   Through the good and   bad we'd get   along     
   And then the flame of love died in your   eye      
My   heart was broke in two   when you said goo  dbye.
It's all   over now
Nothing   left to say
Just my   tears and the   orchestra   playi  ng
  La la la la la la la la   la
  La la la la   la la   la la    la
  La la la la la la la la   la...


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