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Paroles et musique :Reed Leslie David, Stephens Geoff
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Intro :           
These l  ong lonely  ev  enings  here
I   am on the p  hone  wo  ndering  when   she will
c  all she said  she would w  rite me
'cause  she  kn  ows  I'm alo  ne
b  ut  I hear no  thing at a  ll
I'm w  aiting for  a word of love from   sylvia  
You'd  t  hink she never h  eard of love  my sy  lvia  
  but when I'm  with   her  lor  d
I fo  rgive her  'cause she's m  ore than the whole world to   me      
  there's noth  ing like a word of love from sy  lvia  
The on  ly one I'm thi  nking of is syl  via    feelin  g so sad
    now I  'll be s  o glad now If I   just had my   sylvia  w  ith me  
That old    weeping wi  llow  seems to whis  per her na  me
  why did she   go  awa  y the tears on my pi  llow
they're not   hard to exp  lain    there's noth  ing else I can
s  ay       I'm     waiting  for  a word of love from   sylvia  
you'd th  ink she never h  eard of love my sylv  ia     
b  ut when I'm    with    her    Lord
I forg  ive her 'cause  she's m  ore  than the whole   world to   me .   
There's  no  thing like  a word  like my syl  via
          the   only one I'm th  inking of is   sylvi  a
f  eeling so   sad  now   I'd be so gla  d now
I  f  I just   had  my syl  via  with me                                            


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