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Intro : G   Gmaj7   Am7   D7   Am7   G 
 G Beneath this snowy  Gmaj7 mantle cold and  Am7  clean
the  D7 unborn grass lies waiting, for it's coat to turn to  G  green
and  D7 speaks to me of flower that will bloom again in  G  spring
 G When I was young  Gmaj7 my heart was young then  Am7  too
anyt D7 hing that it would tell me, that's the thing that I would  G  do
but now I feel such  Gmaj7 emptiness wit Am7  hin
for  D7 the thing I want the most in life, is the thing that I can't  G  win
 G Spread your  Gmaj7 tiny wings and fly aw Am7  ay
and  D7 take the snow back with you, where it came from on that  G  day
The one I love  Gmaj7 forever is unt Am7  rue
and  D7 if I could you know, that I would fly away with  G  you
 G The breeze  Gmaj7 along the river seems to  Am7  say
that  D7 he'll only break my heart, again should I decide to  G  stay
So little snowbird  Gmaj7 take me with you when you  Am7  go
to  D7 that land of gentle breezes, where the peacefull waters  G  flow
Refrain (2x)
 G Yeah !  D7 If I could you  C/G know that I would fly away with  G  you


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