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Intro :           
  As the snow flies         
  on a   cold and grey Chicago mornin'a p  oor little baby ch  ild is born
in the ghet  to    
  and his mama cr  ies   
  Cause If   there's one thing that she don't need
it's   another hungry   mouth to feed in the ghet  to    
  People don't you   understand, the child needs a   helping h  and
or he'll   grow up to be an   angry young man some   day   
  Take a look at   you and me, are we too   blind to   see
  do you simply   turn our heads and l  ook the other   way
well the world t  urns  
  And a   hungry little boy with a runny nose   plays in the street
as the   cold wind blows in the gh  etto   and his hunger   bur  ns
  So he   starts to roam the streets at night and he l  earns how to steal
and he   learns how to fight in the ghet  to    
  Then one night in desperation   the young man breaks awa  y     
he   buys a gun   steals a car,   tries to run but he   don't get far
and his mama c  ries  
  As a   crowd gathers round an angry young man   face down on the street
with a   gun in his hand in the ghet  to    
  as her young man d  ies   
  On a   cold and grey Chicago mornin'a  nother little baby   child is born
in the ghe  tto,   and his mama cr  ies,   in the ghett  o                    


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