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Paroles et musique :Giant Bill, Kaye Florence (Usa), Baum Bernie
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I   want my share of l  ove it might as well be k  nown
But I ain't thinking o  f one girl to love a  lone
That a  in't the way it's gonna b  e I'm   on my own and I am fr  ee   
A  nd I've been satis-f  ied so I don't wanna be t  ied
S  omebody's loving a  rms can sure be sweet I've f  ound
But I want no-one's a  rms to ever hold me d  own
Once I   get caught inside a n  et I'  m gonna run I be  t    
I  'm gonna run and h  ide I don't wanna be t  ied    
I  've seen l  overs w  ho were m  atched t  hey thought that l  ove could s  tay    
O  nce they   car  ed a  nd got attached it   see  ms t  hat love....just slipped away
D  on't want no claims on m  e
don't want no chains that b  ind
As anyone could s  ee
I say what's on my m  ind
Well t  here ain't nothing I c  onceal I  'm gonna play the f  ield  
T  he field of love is w  ide
So I don't wanna be t  ied
The field of love is w  ide
And I don't wanna be t  ied
The field of love is w  ide
I don't wanna be t  ied    
I   said I d  on't I d  on't wanna be
d  on't wanna be t  i -   - -   -  -   - e  d...    Yea  h!           


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