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Paroles :Taupin Bernard J P
Musique :Elton John
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Intro :             
  Its a human sig  n
  When things go wr  ong
  When the scent of her li  ngers
  And temptations st  rong
  into the bo  undry
  Of each married ma  n
Sweet deciept comes a   calling
  And negativity la  nds
Cold, cold h  eart
  Hard done by yo  u
  Some things look be  tter, baby
  Just passing th  rough
  And its no sa  crifice
Just a simple w  ord
When two hearts l  iving
In to seperate wo  rlds
And its no s  acrifice
No s  acrifice
No   sacrific  e at a  ll                                      
  Mutual misunder  standing
A  fter the fact   
S  ensitivity builds a pri  son
I  n the final act  
  We lose directi  on
  No stone unturned   
No tears to damn you  
  When jealousy bu  rns
I gave my   all                     
I gave my   all                      


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-07-02
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