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Paroles et musique :Elton John, Bernard J P Taupin
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  Holy   Moses I   have b  een rem  oved
  I have seen th  e spectr  e he has been
  here too
  Distant cousin fro  m down the line
  Brand of people wh  o ain't my
kin  d      
  Holy    Moses   I have  
been   remov  ed                                           
  Holy   Moses I   have b  een dec  eived
  Now the wind ha  s changed direct  ion
and I'll have   to le  ave
  Won't you please   excuse my frankness
but   it's not my c  up of   tea   
  Holy    Moses   I have  
bee  n dece  ived                                          
I'm going   back to the   border
Where   my affairs,   my affairs   ain't
  I can't   take any   more bad water
I've been   poisoned from m  y head down
to my   shoes
  Holy    Moses   I have  
been   decei  ved                                          
  Holy   Moses l  et us l  ive in p  eace
  Let us strive to   find a way to   make
all hatred   cease  
  There's a man   over there   what's his
colour   I don't care          
  He's   my brothe  r let   us live   in
  He's   my brothe  r let   us live   in
  He's   my brothe  r let   us, let us live  
in   peace                                         


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