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Intro :               (2x)
  Hey, everything I   do,   leads me ba  ck t  o you
  I See me standing in the acid   rain
  Oh, full of exi  stentia  l pain
  Oh, you can look for love so   long
  Until you're sure you'll never   feel so good   again
  Then you came   along
  Like an angel, like a l  over, like   a friend
  Yeah, everything I   do
  Leads me   back t  o yo  u                       
  Well, I'm a man without a   place
  Sometimes afraid to   show m  y face
  Hear me humming in the   night
  When you turn   out th  e light
  They can blow my tires   out
  Till I'm filled up with n  othing else bu  t doubt
  Still I'm rolling on my   rims
  Oh, baby coming back   to you   again
  Yeah, everything I   do
  Leads me   back t  o you
  When I'm on the rise
When it's do or die
Oh, Lulla  by
Would you take an ali  bi
If I said it was you and   I
Further   on ..  .
  Cause it's everything I   do
  Everything I   do
  You know it's hard for a man to   sing
  When his pride   blocks eve  rything
  Oh, you can have a way with   words
  When your thoughts   they can't b  e heard
  But don't take it the wrong   way
  Like half the things I   ever tried t  o say
  Well, I got my demons   too
  But my angels they're all   cheering fo  r you
  Cause everything I   do, i  t leads   me back   to you
  Yeah, everything I   do, I  t leads   me back   to you    (3x)


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