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  Lullaby of   birdland  -   that's what   I
  Always   hear wh  en you s  igh;
  Never in my   word land
  Could there be   ways to   reve  al  in a   phrase how I   feel.
  Have you ever   heard two    turtle d  oves
  Bill and   coo  w  hen they l  ove ?
  That's the kind of   magic
  Music we   make with our   lip  s      when   we k  iss.
  And there's a w  eepy old wi  llow -   
  He really   knows how to   cry   !
  That's how I'd c  ry on my p  illow    
  If you should   tell me fa  rewell and goo  d-bye.
  Lullaby of   birdland -   whisper   low,
  Kiss me   sweet,   and we'll   go
  Flyin'high in   birdland,
  High in the   sky up a  bove      all   because we're in   love.
(Répéter le dernier couplet)
[Coda :]
  High in th  e sky up   above
  All be  cause   we're- i  n - l  ove                    


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