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Intro : G   Em   Am   D7   G   D/F# 
It  G seems like a  Em dream now, it wa Am  s so long ago,
The  D moon burned so bright and t C he time went s D7  o slow,
And I  G swore that I lov Em ed her and gave Am  her a ring.
The  D bluebird was h D7 igh on the wi G  ng.
 C Whatever G  happened to Am  Saturday nigh G  t ?
 C Finding a G  sweetheart an G7 d holding her F  tight ?
She said C  "Tell me, oh, G  tell m Am e, was I G  alright ?"
 C Whatever G  happened to Am  Saturday nigh G  t ?
The  G years brought the r Em ailroad it Am  ran by my door.
Now there' D s boards on the windows and C  dust on the fl D7  oor
And sh G e passes t Em he time at a Am  nother man's side,
And  D I pass the tim D7 e with my pr G  ide.
 C What a tangled G  web we Em  weave, go  C 'round with cir G cumstance. Em 
 C Someone show  G me how  Em to tell th Em7 e  dance C r  fro G  m  the dance.
Instrumental : Am   Em7   Am   Em7   Am   Em7   C   D 
 C Whatever G  happened to Am  Saturday G  night
 C Choosing a G  friend and l G7 osing a  F  fight ?
She said, C  "Tell me, oh G , tell m Am e, are you  G  alright ?"
 C Whatever G  happened to Am  Saturday nigh Em  t ?
 C Whatever G  happened to Am  Saturday nigh G t ?   G/B         G 


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