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Paroles et musique :Jane Bowers
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A  C hundred and  G eighty were  C challenged by  F Travers to  C die, G      C      G 
by a  C line that he  G drew with his  C sword as the  F battle drew  C nigh.  C7 
Ev F ery man that stepped over the  C  line was for glory,
and  F he that was left better f C  ly,
and over the l G ine cross C ed one hundred a F nd seventy n C ine.   C7 
[Refrain :]
 F Hey, Santa Anna,  they re killing your soldiers b Em  elow,
 F So the rest of the Texas will kn C ow,
 F and re G member the  C Alamo.  G      C      F      C      G      C 
Ji C m Bowie lay G  dying,  his C  blood and his F  powder were C  dry G ,    C      G 
but his  C knife had been  G willing to t C ake him a f F ew in re C ply. C7 
You F ng Davey Crockett lay laughing and d C  ying,
the F  blood and the sweat in his  C  eye,
for Texas and  G freedom a C  man was more F  willing to d C ie.  C7 
A  C courier ca G me, to bel C low once  F bloody and l C oud. G      C      G 
And f C ound only s G kin and bones w C here he o F nce left a cr C owd.  C7 
 F Fear not, little darling, of dy C ing, if the  F world is sovereign and  C  free,
well, we ll fight to the  G last as  C long as  F liberty  C be.  C7 
 F And  G reme C mber G  the C  Ala F mo.. C .    G      C 


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