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Paroles et musique :Mark Knopfler
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Intro :                 
You get a s  hiver in the dark
It's rain  ing in the   park but   meantime
S  outh of the river you s  top and you   hold every  thing
A   band is blowing Di  xie double four time
You feel   alright when you hear that music   ring         
You step   inside but you   don't se  e too many   faces
C  oming in out of the   rain to hear the   jazz g  o down
T  oo much competition too   many other places
B  ut not too many horns can make that s  ound
   Way   on downsouth (x2)
L  ondon town                                        
You check out 'Gu  itar George'  he know  s all the c  hords
M  ind he's strictly rhythm he doesn't want to   make   it cry or sin  g
A  nd an old guitar is all   he can afford
W  hen he gets up under the lights to play his thi  ng           
A  nd Harry doesn't m  ind i  f he doesn  't make the scene
H  e's got a   daytime   job he's doing al  right
H  e can play honky tone just li  ke anything
S  aving it up for frida  y nigh  t     
With the sultans        
With the sultans of s  wing               
And a cr  owd of young boys they're f  ooling arou  nd in the cor  ner
D  runk and dressed in their best brown   baggies and thei  r platform s  oles
T  hey don't give a damn about any   trumpet playing band
It   ain't what they call rock an  d rol  l     
And the sultans        
And the sultans played c  reole              
A  nd then the man he st  eps right   up to the   microphone
A  nd says at   last just as the   time bell   rin  gs
T  hank you goodnight now it's   time to go home
And he m  akes it fast with o  ne more thi  ng    
We are the sultans        
We are the sultans of   swing                


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