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Paroles et musique :Mark Knopfler
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Intro :  
She gets the   sun in the da  ytime          
  perfume   in the dus  k
and she   comes out in the   night tim  e      
with the   honeysuckle   musk  
because she   smells just like a   rose         
and she   tastes just like a   peach   
  she got me   walking where th  e wild li  fe goes
          i'd do any  thing to reach her
    and she was made in heaven
    heaven's in the world
    Oh she was made in heaven
    heaven's in the world
   is this just exp  resso love
   you know i'm crazy for the girl    
She call me j  ust to walk                   
  She's m  y lover she  's a friend of mine
She says   hey mister you   wanna take   a wa  lk
In the wi  ld west end   some  time
And I get tr  ouble with my brea  thing         
She says   boys don't know a  nything  
  But I know   what I want                  
          I want eve  rything
well i   feel so good cos i feel so good
and i   feel so good cos it feels so right
    i was made to go with my girl
like a   saxophone was to go wit  h the night
  And she can r  aise o  ne ey  ebrow
  Put her   hand on my   hip
And I cl  ose one e  ye now         
Sweap on   her lip             
An I surrend  er to the fever                   
I surren  der to the will of   the ni  ght
  She will l  ove me tender, I   got to be  lieve her
  Love   ? Expresso   love's allright
  I don't want   no sug  ar in   it
  Thank y  ou very muc  h
All wire  d up on i  t              
All fired   up on it           
Expresso tou  ch                                
Hey maestro expresso
It's just another one just like the other one
Hey maestro expresso love
Is this another one
Just like the other one


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