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Paroles et musique :David Bowie
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Intro : Fmaj7   Em  (4x)
 C Ground control to Major T Em om Gr C ound control to Major T Em  om :
Take  Am your protei Am7/G n pills and put D7  your helmet on
 C Ground control to Major To Em m : C C ommencing countdown engine's on Em 
 Am Check ig-n Am7/G ition and may G D7  od's love be with you
 C This is ground control to Major  E7 Tom, you've really made the  F  grade !
And the  Fm papers want to k C/E now whose shirts you w F  ear,
now it's  Fm time to leave th C/E e capsule if you F  dare
 C This is Major Tom to ground con-t E7 rol, I'm stepping through th F  e door
And I'm fl Fm oating in th C/E e most peculiar  F  way
and the  Fm stars look ver C/E y different t F  oday
For  Fmaj7 here am I si Em7 tting in a tin c Fmaj7 an, far above t Em7  he world
 Bbmaj7 Planet Earth is Am  blue and there' G s nothing I c F  an do
 C    F    G    A   A 
 C    F    G    A   A 
 Fmaj7   Em7   A   C   D   E 
 C Though I'm passed one hundred thousand mi E7 les, I'm feeling very s F  till
And I th Fm ink my spaceship kno C/E ws which way to go,  F 
tell my w Fm ife I love her v C ery much she kno F  ws
 G Ground control to Ma E7  jor Tom :
Your cir Am cuit's dead, there' Am7/G  s something wong.
Can you hea D7  r me Major Tom ?
Can you he C/G  ar me Major Tom ?
Can you he G  ar me Major Tom ? Can you ...
 Fmaj7 Here am I fl Em7 oating round my tin ca Fmaj7 n, far above th Em7  e moon
 Bbmaj7 Planet Earth is  Am blue and there' G s nothing I c F  an do
 C    F    G    A   A 
 C    F    G    A   A 
Accords :
Fmaj7  x33210
C/E    032010
Am7/G  x03021
C/G    332010
Bbmaj7 x23231


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