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Intro : G   A   G   D   Em   G   D   Em   G   A   G   Em  (x2)
        Am   Em   Am 
If you s Em mile at me I will u Am  nderstand
Because that is som Em  ething
Everybody everywhere does in the s Am ame    l Em anguage      Am 
I can se Em e by your coat my friend you're from the other Am  side
There's j Em  ust one thing I've got to know
Can you t Am ell me please, who w Em on ?  Am7        Em       Am 
 Em  Say, can I have some of your purple berries ?
 Am Yes, I've been eating them for  Em  six or seven weeks now
Haven't got si Am  ck once
Probably keep us bo Em th alive     Am         G      A      D 
 Em Wooden ships on the water,  G very A  fre D  e, and easy
 Em Easy, you know the way it's sup G posed  A to b D  e
Si Em lver people on the shoreline l G et u A s be D 
Talkin 'bout C  very free, and e Em asy     Am       Em       C      Em       C 
 Em Horror grips us as we wat G ch yo A u di D  e
 Em All we can do is echo your ang G uish A ed cri D  es
 Em Stare as all human fee G ling A s die D 
We are leav C ing, you don't ne Em ed us   Am       Em       C      Em       C 
 Em Go take a sister, then, b G y th A e ha D  nd
 Em Lead her away from this for G eign A  lan D  d
 Em Far away, where we might l G augh  A agai D  n
We are leavi C ng, you don't need Em  us     Am       Em       C      Em       C 
 Em  And it's a fair wind
 C Blowin'warm out of the south over my sho Em ulder    C 
Guess  Em I'll set a course and go   C       Em9 


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