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 A# Just about a year ago, I  D# set out on the  A#  road
Seeking my fame and f Gm ortune and  D# looking for a pot of g F  old
 A# Things got bad and  Gm things got worse, I  D# guess you know the  A#  tune
Oh ! Lord, F  stuck in Lodi D#  agai A#  n
Rode in on a Greyhound, I'll be walking out if I go
I was just passing through must be seven months or more
Ran out of time and money, looks like they took my friends
Oh ! Lord, stuck in Lodi again
Instrumental : A#   D#   A#  (bis)
The man from the magazine said I was on my way
Somewhere I lost connection, ran out of songs to play
I came into town on a one-night stand, looks like my plans fell through
Oh ! Lord, stuck in Lodi again
Instrumental : F   C   G   C 
 C If I only had a dollar for  F every song I've  C  sung
Every time I've  Am had to play while  F people sat there  G  drunk
You  C know I'd catch the  Am next train  F back to where I  C  live
Oh ! Lord, G  stuck in Lodi a F gain  C     (bis)


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