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Capo III
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Intro : Em   Bm   Em   Bm   F   G4   F   G4 
 Am Oooonce  G there was this C  kiiiiid C  who
 F Got into an  C accident and G  couldn't come  C  to school
But  F wheeee F eeeen he finaly G  cam C  e back
 G His   C  hair F  had turned from C  black into bright
 G white G        G 
He  Ab said that it was C  from when the Ab  cars had smashe Cmaj7  d soooo
 Cmaj7 oooooo h F aaaaa F  aaaaard
 Em Mmmm M Bm mmm M Em mmm Mm Bm mm,     F      G4       F      G4 
 Am Ooooon G ce there was this C  girl C    who
 F Wouldn't go and  C change with the G  girls in t C  he change room
But  F wheeeee C een they finaly G  maaaad C  e her
 G They   C saw  F  birthmarks a C  ll over her
 G body  G        G 
She  Ab couldn't quite exp C lain it, they' Ab d always just Cmaj7    beeeeee-en
 Cmaj7 eeeeeen   F theeee F  eeeeeere
 Em Mmmm   Bm Mmmm  Em  Mmmm  Bm  Mmmm,  F      G4       F      G4 
 Em Mmmm   Bm Mmmm  Em  Mmmm  Bm  Mmmm,  F      G4       F      G4 
 Dm   But both  Dm girl and C  boy G    were glad
 Dm   Cause one  Dm kid had it C  worse  G  than that
 F   F   F  (3 mesures)
'Cause  Am then  G there was this C  boy  C  whose
 F Parents made him C  come directly G  home right aft C  er school
And w F heeeen  C they went to G  their C    church
 G They  C shook F  and lurched a C  ll over the
 G church floor G       G 
He c Ab ouldn't quite ex C plain it, they'd  Ab always just g Cmaj7  oooooooo
 Cmaj7 ooooone t F here   F 
 Em Mmmm   Bm Mmmm  Em  Mmmm  Bm  Mmmm,  F      G4       F      G4 
 Em Mmmm   Bm Mmmm  Em  Mmmm  Bm  Mmmm,  F      G4       F      G4 
 Dm   Aaaah  Dm Aaaah Aaaah C  Aaaaaaaah   G  Ah Ah Aaaaaaaah
 Dm   Aaaah  Dm Aaaah Aaaah C  Aaaaaaaah A G  h Ah Aaaaaaaah
 F   F   F   F 
 Dm  Aaaah A Dm aaah Aaaah  C Aaaaaaaah A G  h Ah Aaaaaaaah
 Dm  Aaaah Aa Dm aah Aaaah A C aaaaaaah Ah G  Ah Aaaaaaaah
 F   F   F   F 
 Dm   Dm   C   G 
 Dm   Dm   C   G 
 F    F    F   F 


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