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Capo III
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Intro :                       
  Oooonce   there was this   kiiiiid   who
  Got into an   accident and   couldn't come    to school
But   wheeee  eeeen he finaly   cam   e back
  His     hair   had turned from   black into bright
He   said that it was   from when the   cars had smashe   d soooo
  oooooo h  aaaaa   aaaaard
  Mmmm M  mmm M  mmm Mm  mm,                         
  Ooooon  ce there was this   girl     who
  Wouldn't go and   change with the   girls in t   he change room
But   wheeeee  een they finaly   maaaad   e her
  They    saw    birthmarks a   ll over her
She   couldn't quite exp  lain it, they'  d always just     beeeeee-en
  eeeeeen    theeee   eeeeeere
  Mmmm    Mmmm    Mmmm    Mmmm,                      
  Mmmm    Mmmm    Mmmm    Mmmm,                      
    But both   girl and   boy     were glad
    Cause one   kid had it   worse    than that
         (3 mesures)
'Cause   then   there was this   boy    whose
  Parents made him   come directly   home right aft   er school
And w  heeeen   they went to   their     church
  They   shook   and lurched a   ll over the
  church floor         
He c  ouldn't quite ex  plain it, they'd   always just g   oooooooo
  ooooone t  here    
  Mmmm    Mmmm    Mmmm    Mmmm,                      
  Mmmm    Mmmm    Mmmm    Mmmm,                      
    Aaaah   Aaaah Aaaah   Aaaaaaaah     Ah Ah Aaaaaaaah
    Aaaah   Aaaah Aaaah   Aaaaaaaah A   h Ah Aaaaaaaah
   Aaaah A  aaah Aaaah   Aaaaaaaah A   h Ah Aaaaaaaah
   Aaaah Aa  aah Aaaah A  aaaaaaah Ah   Ah Aaaaaaaah


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