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Capo III
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Intro :                 
   And the hardest part      Was l  etting go, not t  aking part       
   Was the   hardest part            
   And the s  trangest thing  Was w  aiting for that be  ll to ring
   It was the   strangest start         
   I could feel it go   down     
   Bittersweet I could   taste in my m  outh
   Silver lining the   clouds       
Oh and   I...                            
I wish that I could work it   out                           (x2) 
  And the h  ardest part      Wa  s letting go not   taking part
   You really   broke my hea  rt, o  
  And I tri  ed to sing    But   I couldn't think of   anything
  And that was the   hardest part,   oh    
   I could feel it go   down         
   You left the sweetest   taste in my m  outh
   You're silver lining the   clouds         
Oh, and   I..                            
Oh, and   I...                           
I wonder what its a  ll a  bout               (x2) 
I wonder what its a  ll a  bout     
Everything I k  now i  s wrong  
Everything I   do just   comes undo  ne
And everything is   torn   apart     
Oh and that's the   hardest part
That's the   hardest part
Yeah, that's the   hardest part
That's the harde  st part


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