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Paroles et musique :Berryman Guy Rupert, Champion William, Buckland Jonathan Mark, Christopher Martin
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Intro :  
They were sitting   they were sitting in   the strawberry swing    
And every moment was so precious                     
They were sitting   they were talking in   the strawberry swing    
And everybody was for fighting               
Wouldn't wanna waste a thing     
Cold cold water   bring me 'round      
Now my feet won  't touch the ground
Cold cold water  
What you say?    
It's s  uch it's such a perfect day    
It's such a perfect day     
I rem  ember we were walking u  p to strawberry swing    
I can't wait until the mornin  g         
Wouldn't wanna change a thing    
People movin  g all the time     
Inside a perf  ect straight line
Don't you wanna s  curve away       
It's s  uch it's such a perfect day   
It's such a perfect day    
                          A  hhhh....
Now the sky cou  ld be blue      
I don't m  ind
Witho  ut you its a waste of time     
...could be blue   I don't mind   without yo  u it's a waste of time        
The sky could be b  lue could be gray without   you I jus  t slide away    
The sky could be b  lue I don't mind witho  ut you it'  s a waste of time    


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