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How   long before I get i  n
Before it starts before I be  gin
How   long before you dec  ide or
Before I know what it feels l  ike
Where   to, where do I g  o'
If you never try then you'll never k  now
How   long do I have to cl  imb
Up on the side of this mountain of m  ine
Look up, I look up at night
Planets are moving at the speed of light,
Climb up, up in the trees
Every chance that you get is a chance you seize
How long am I gonna stand
With my head stuck under the sand
I'll start before I can stop or
Before I see things the right way up
  All that no  ise and all that s  ound
  All those pl  aces I have fo  und
And b  irds go flying at the sp  eed of sound
To sh  ow you how it all be  gan
B  irds came flying from the u  nderground
If you could   see it then you'd unders  tand
Ideas that you'll never find
All the inventors could never design
The buildings that you put up
of Japan and China all lit up
The sign that I couldn't read
or a light, that I couldn't see
Some things you have to believe
While others are puzzles, puzzling me
All that noise and all that sound
All those places I got found
And birds go flying at the speed of sound
To show you how it all began
Birds came flying from the underground
If you could see it then you'd understand
Oh, when you see it then you'll understand
  All those si  gns I knew what they m  eant,
some things you can inv  ent
  Some get ma  de and some get s  ent ooh-  ooh
And b  irds go flying at the s  peed of sound
To sh  ow you how it all be  gan
  Birds came flying from the u  nderground
If you could   see it then you'd under  stand
Oh, when you   see it then you'll unde  rstand


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-02-06
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