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Intro :  
Somewhere up ab  ove the stars  
The w  reckage of a
u  niverse floats p  ast
S  omewhere up above my h  eart
A t  iny little seed is s  own
A g  overnment is overthrown
Who k  nows when we'll
be coming home at l  ast    
And I h  eard it on the radio
That o  ne day we'll be
living in the st  ars          
And I h  eard it on a tv show
That s  omewhere up above
And in my h  eart
They'll be tearing us ap  art
Maybe m  oving us to m  ars          
   We won't see
the earth ag  ain
   In these seconds just
rem  ain unchanged
8   to 9, 9 to   10           
We are m  eeting for
the first time
We might n  ever meet
ag  ain y  ou and m  e            
We are m  eeting for
the first time
Can't you s  ee
7-  6-5-4-3               
We are m  eeting for
the first time
Singing t  his space symphon  y     
   They'll be tearing us
ap  art really m  oving us to m  ars          
Past the satellites and st  ars
really m  oving us to m  ars                                              


luccoteluccote, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-09-21
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