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Paroles et musique :Berryman Guy Rupert, Champion William, Buckland Jonathan Mark, Christopher Martin
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Intro :                 
Y  ou see the world in black
and   white
N  o colour or ligh  t
Y  ou think you'll never get it   right
B  ut you're wrong... you mig  ht
T  he sky could fall could fall on   me
T  he parting of the sea     
B  ut you mean more mean more to   me
T  han any colour I can   see   
A  ll you ever wanted   was love
But you never looked hard eno  ugh
it's never gonna give itself   up
A  ll you ever wanted to   be
Living in perfect symmet  ry
Nothing is as down or as u  p
a  s us
Y  ou see the world in black and whi  te
N  ot painted rig  ht
Y  ou see no meaning to your li  fe
Y  ou should t  ry       
Y  ou should tr  y     
A  nd all you ever wanted was   love
but you never looked hard enou  gh
it's never gonna give itself u  p
A  ll you ever wanted to b  e
Living in perfect symmetry  
Nothing is as down or as up  
D  on't you wanna see it come soon  
Floating in a big white balloo  n
Flying on your own silver spo  on
D  on't you wanna see it come   down
There for throwing your arms ar  ound
And say"You're not a momen  t too soon"
'C  ause I feel low  
'  Cause I feel low  
Y  eah I feel l  ow
Oh   no
'  Cause I feel lo  w
'  Cause I feel l  ow
B  ut I feel low  
O  h no
Ohhhhhhhhh  h


TehaTeha, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-08-28
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