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Intro :  
Ta  ke it from the playgrounds and take it from the bums
Take it from the hospitals and squeeze it from the slums
All the kids make pistols with their fingers and their thumbs
Advertise a revolution arm it when it comes
We're cooking up the zeros we've been doing all the sums
The judgment of this court is we need more guns
S N.C.   top    
Eve  rything's gone so craz  y
Ever  ything tangled in bl  ue
Ever  yone's gone fucking c  razy  
Maybe I  ___'m   crazy too  
Melt  down all the trumpets all the trombones and the drums
Who needs education or A Thou  sand Splendid Su  ns?
Poor is good for business cut the fore  sts they're so du  mb
Only save your look-alikes and f  uck the other on  es
It's the opinion of this board that we need more guns
S N.C.   top    
Eve  rything's gone so cra  zy
Eve  rybody but yo  u
Ever  ything's gone fucking cr  azy
Maybe I  ___'m   crazy too  


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Dernière modification : 2022-09-04
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