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S  leep on the ocean
Sleep on the sand
Ive b  een very busy since the fall of man
S  on of the devil
You wont understand
Now c  ome on baby
That's a sudden end
S  peak of the devil
Inside my head
Youve b  een very busy since the world's gonna end
T  ired of the symbol
The sun the sand
T  alk a little louder I don't understa  nd.  
G  onna get the supper to the world tonight
  *** Im gonna fall asleep.
Theres a tiny little s  in I've gotta do.
G  ot to say that Im only holding up at night
T  urn with the flow or this storm
Theres a world outside wanna let you i  n
Theres a w  orld outs  ide not g  oing i  n
The w  orld outside won't let you in
L  ove love got over that s  torm
B  efore you g  et somewh  ere
Oh love got o  ver th  at storm.                  
I  've got a wife and kids in Baltimore Jack.
I went o  ut for a ride and I never came back.


karismaphkarismaph, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-08-15
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