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I tur D n the music up, I D  got my records on
I shut the world o A utside until the A  lights come on
Maybe the streets  D alight, maybe the D  trees are gone
I feel my heart st A art beating to m A  y favourite song
And all the kids t D hey dance, all th D  e kids all night
Until Monday  A morning feels an A  other life
I turn  F#m  the music up
I'm on  F#m  a roll this time
And  D  heaven is in sight
Instrumental : A   D   A   D 
I tur D n the music up, I D  got my records on
From underneath  A the rubble sing  A  a rebel song
Don't want to se D e another generat D  ion drop
I'd rather be a  A comma than a ful A  l stop
Maybe  D I'm in the black, D  maybe I'm on my knees
Maybe  A I'm in the gap b A  etween the two trapezes
But my F#m  heart is beatin F#m  g and my pulses start
Cath D  edrals in my heart
And we  D saw oh this A  light I swea F#m  r you, emerge blinking into
 D  To tell me it's alright
As we  D soar wal A ls, every siren is  F#m  a symphony
And every tear's  D  a waterfall
Finale : A   D   A   D  (4x)
         D   A   D   A  (4x)


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Dernière modification : 2011-06-07
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