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Capo IV
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Intro :           
We   see people   coming
We   see people   go
this par  ticular   diamond was   extra   special
I know   you might be   gone
And the   world may not   know
Still I   see you ce  lestial   
Like a   lion you   ran
  Goddess you   rolled
Like an   eagle you   circle
In   perfect pur  ple
So how   come things move   on?
How   come cars don't   slow?
When it   feels like the   end of the   world
When I   should but I   can't let you   go
But when I'm   cold,   col  d     
When I'm   cold,   col  d     
There's a   light that you   give me
When I'm   in sha  dow
It's a   feeling of   ever, eve  rglow
Like   brothers in   blood
The   sisters who   ride
When we   swore on that   night
We'd be   friends 'til we   die
With the   changing of   winds
And the   way waters   flow
Life as   short as the   falling of   snow
I now   I'm going to   miss you, I   know
But when I'm   cold,   col  d     
In water   rolle  d, s  alt   
And I   know that you're   with me
And the   way you will   show, when you're   with me wher  ever I   go
But you   give me this   feeling, this ever  glow
Instrumental :           
Oh, what I would   give for just a   moment to kno  w
Yeah, I   live for this   feeling, this ever  glow
So if   you love some  one, you should   let them   know
Oh, the   light that you   left me will ev  erglow


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