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Capo IV
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Intro : Am   F   C   Em7 
        Am   F   C   G 
        Am   F   C   Em7 
        Am   F   G 
        Am   F   G 
We  Am see people  F  coming
We  C see people  Em7  go
this par Am ticular  F diamond was  C extra  G  special
I know  Am you might be  F  gone
And the  C world may not  Em7  know
Still I  Am see you ce F lestial  G 
 Am   F   C   G  (2x)
Like a  Am lion you  F  ran
 C Goddess you  Em7  rolled
Like an  Am eagle you  F  circle
In  C perfect pur G  ple
So how  Am come things move  F  on?
How  C come cars don't  Em7  slow?
When it  Am feels like the  F end of the  G  world
When I  Am should but I  F can't let you  G  go
But when I'm  Am cold, F  col C d    Em7 
When I'm  Am cold, F  col C d    G 
There's a  Am light that you  F  give me
When I'm  C in sha Em7  dow
It's a  Am feeling of  F ever, eve G  rglow
 Am   F   C   G  (2x)
Like  Am brothers in  F  blood
The  C sisters who  Em7  ride
When we  Am swore on that  F  night
We'd be  C friends 'til we  G  die
With the  Am changing of  F  winds
And the  C way waters  Em7  flow
Life as  Am short as the  F falling of  G  snow
I now  Am I'm going to  F miss you, I  G  know
But when I'm  Am cold, F  col C d    Em7 
In water  Am rolle F d, s C alt  G 
And I  Am know that you're  F  with me
And the  C way you will  Em7 show, when you're  Am with me wher F ever I  G  go
But you  Am give me this  F feeling, this ever G  glow
Instrumental : Am   F   C   Em7 
               Am   F   C   G 
               Am   F   C   Em7 
Oh, what I would  Am give for just a  F moment to kno G  w
Yeah, I  Am live for this  F feeling, this ever G  glow
 Am   F   C   Em7 
 Am   F   C   G 
So if  Am you love some F one, you should C  let them  Em7  know
Oh, the  Am light that you  F left me will ev G  erglow


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