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    A  h-hmm                               
Jos  eph rode in on a beam of light
Stray dogs to welcome him fights corrugate cathedr  als
The si  ght of the pilgrim's going nowhere in millions of ca  rs
Lago  s a dream in the distance
From promises he'd made behind
Where there was no harv  est
But h  e missed the sky and its circus
And countless the st  ars
In Af  rica
The rivers are perfectly deep
And beautifully wi  de
In A  frica
The mothers will sing you to sleep
And say "It's alr  ight chi  ld
It's alr  ight"    
In Afr  ica
We dance in the water and hold
Each other so tig  ht
In Afr  ica
The mothers will sing you to sleep
And say "It's alri  ght chi  ld
It's alri  ght"    
Jos  eph rode in on a beam of light
And dreamed of his queen by his side
There'll be a beautiful sunset
And you'll be a beautiful bride


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Dernière modification : 2022-08-22
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