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Paroles et musique :Buckland Jonathan Mark, Christopher Martin, Champion William, Berryman Guy Rupert
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C  hristmas night another fight
Tears we cried a f  lood       
G  ot all kinds of poison in
Poison in my b  lood       
I   took my feet
To Oxford Street
Trying to right a w  rong       
J  ust walk away
Those windows say
But I can't believe she's g  one        
W  hen you're still waiting for the snow to fall
Doesn't really feel like C  hristmas at a  ll
Up above candles on air flicker
Oh they f  licker and they f  loat
B  ut I'm up here holding on
To all those c  handeliers of h  ope
L  ike some drunken Elvis singing
I   go singing out of t  une
S  aying how I always loved you darling
A  nd I always w  ill
O  h when you're still waiting for the snow to fall
Doesn't really feel like C  hristmas at all
S  till waiting for the snow to fall
It doesn't really feel like C  hristmas at all
Ti  me si  gnature c  hange                
Those Christmas l  ights
Light up the street
Down where the s  ea and city m  eet
May all your tr  oubles soon be g  one
Oh Christmas l  ights keep sh  ining o  n
T  hose Christmas lights         
L  ight up the s  treet
Maybe they'll b  ring her back to m  e
T  hen all my troubles will be go  ne
Oh Christmas l  ights keep shining o  n
W  oahohoho  hhhhhhhahhhhhoho  hhhh
O  h Christmas lights
L  ight up the s  treet
Light up the f  ireworks in me
May all your t  roubles soon be gone
O  h Christmas lights k  eep shining o  n


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