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Capo III
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Intro : Em   C   G 
        Em   C   Am 
 Em   I s C tole a k G  ey
Took a  Em car downtown wh C  ere the lost boys meet
I took a car downtown and Am  took what they offered me
 Em   To C  set me f G  ree
I saw the  Em lights go down  C  at the end of the scene
I saw the lights go down and Am  they're standing in front of me
 Em   My C  scarecrow  G  dreams
When they  Em smashed my hear C  t into smithereens
I'll be a bright red rose c Am  ome bursting the concrete
 Em   Be C  a cartoon  G  heart
 C  Light a fire, from a spark
 D Light a fire, a flam C  e in my heart
We'll run wi C  ld
We'll be glowing in the  Em  dark
 C   G 
 Em   C   Am 
All the  D  boys, all the girls
All the C  madness in t G  he world
All the  D  boys, all the girls
All the C  madness th G  at occurs
All the  D  highs, all the lows
As the room is spinnin C  g, oh
We'll run wild oh
We'll start glowing in the  Em  dark
 C   G 
 Em   C   Am 
 C  It was all an innocent riot
We'll be glowing in the  G  dark


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