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Capo III
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Intro :        
    I s  tole a k  ey
Took a   car downtown wh  ere the lost boys meet
I took a car downtown and   took what they offered me
    To   set me f  ree
I saw the   lights go down   at the end of the scene
I saw the lights go down and   they're standing in front of me
    My   scarecrow   dreams
When they   smashed my hear  t into smithereens
I'll be a bright red rose c  ome bursting the concrete
    Be   a cartoon   heart
  Light a fire, from a spark
  Light a fire, a flam  e in my heart
We'll run wi  ld
We'll be glowing in the   dark
All the   boys, all the girls
All the   madness in t  he world
All the   boys, all the girls
All the   madness th  at occurs
All the   highs, all the lows
As the room is spinnin  g, oh
We'll run wild oh
We'll start glowing in the   dark
  It was all an innocent riot
We'll be glowing in the   dark


Ithildrin, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2012-12-18
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