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Intro : Am   F   C   C 
 Am  Standing in the corner...
 F Studying the lig C  hts...
 Am  Dreaming of escape
 F Keeps me up at n C  ight!
 Am  Someone put the fares up
 F Got me in rais C  e
 Am   F 
Guess it's better to  C  stay...
 C  Well (come on and say)
 F  Cause the fools gonna find a
 C  Just the water and rain
 F  Don't let the fear start-a "what if"
 C  I wanna see you again
 F I hear you never wanna,  C  sleep all night
 F  Stop falling in love
 C Stop the ride, come on Am  age w F ith  C  me
 C Don't need w Am ords    F 
We'll be b C  irds.  To make are own key
 Am   F   C   C 
 Am  Look up this morning
 F You and m C  e, guilty enough
 Am Get you off your fee F  t
 F  Come on, raise it
 C  Come on raise this noise
 F One million people,  C  and not one voice
 F  Come on, it's not over
 C  For me, sing loud
 F Come on, offer love, up from the  C underground come aw Am ay wi F th m C  e
We don't need w Am ords  F      C 
 C Close your e Am yes   F   and C  see
 C Will be b Am irds    F    fl C  ying free
Fall in love in a myster Am y     F      C 
We'll g Am o     F      C    through this together
 Am Ohhhh F      C 
 Am Fly w Dm on't  C  you
Won't you  Am take  Dm me too C  ?
In this w Am orld  Dm so cru C  el
I G  think  Am you're Dm  so c C  ool


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