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Intro :           
  Standing in the corner...
  Studying the lig  hts...
  Dreaming of escape
  Keeps me up at n  ight!
  Someone put the fares up
  Got me in rais  e
Guess it's better to   stay...
  Well (come on and say)
  Cause the fools gonna find a
  Just the water and rain
  Don't let the fear start-a "what if"
  I wanna see you again
  I hear you never wanna,   sleep all night
  Stop falling in love
  Stop the ride, come on   age w  ith   me
  Don't need w  ords     
We'll be b  irds.  To make are own key
  Look up this morning
  You and m  e, guilty enough
  Get you off your fee  t
  Come on, raise it
  Come on raise this noise
  One million people,   and not one voice
  Come on, it's not over
  For me, sing loud
  Come on, offer love, up from the   underground come aw  ay wi  th m  e
We don't need w  ords         
  Close your e  yes      and   see
  Will be b  irds        fl  ying free
Fall in love in a myster  y            
We'll g  o              through this together
  Fly w  on't   you
Won't you   take   me too  ?
In this w  orld   so cru  el
I   think   you're   so c  ool


DodoplessisDodoplessis, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2018-05-16
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