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Paroles et musique :Guy Rupert Berryman, William Champion, Jonathan Mark Buckland, Chris Martin
Capo I
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Intro :            (4x)
   Come   on oh m  y star is f  ading  and I sw -  er  ve out   of cont  rol.    
    If   I i  f I'd on  ly waited      -   I  'd no  t be stu  ck her  e in this hole.
  Come h  ere   oh my s  tar is fadi -  ng        and   I swer  ve out of   control.
    A  nd I swea  r I   waited a -  nd   wait  ed  I'v  e got t -  o   get out of this hole.
But time   is on your side   it's on your side now        
not pushing you   down and all arou  nd it's no cause fo  r concern.   
   Come   on oh m  y star i  s fading   -       and I s  ee no ch  ance   of release
    and I   kno  w I'm   dead on -   t  he s  urfac  e  b  ut I am screaming underneath.
And t  ime is on you  r side it's on yo  ur sid  e now
not pushing you   down and all ar  ound
no it's no   cause for co  ncern.
Stuck on the   end of this ball and ch  ain
and I'm on my   way back down   again.
Stood on a br  idge tied to the n  oose sick to the sto?  mach.  
You can say what you   mean but it won't change a   thing
I'm sick of the  se  crets.   
Stood on the   edge tied to a noo  se
you came alon  g and you cut me loose.  
            You   came along a  nd you cut me loose.
            Yo  u came along   and you cut me loose.


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