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Paroles et musique :Jonathan Mark Buckland, Mikkel Eriksen, Erik Hermansen Tor, Christopher Martin, William Champion, Guy Rupert Berryman
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Intro :                     (2x)
S  at on a roof
Named every st  ar
S  hed every bruise and
Sho  wed every scar
S  at on a roof
Your hand in mi  ne singing
"L  ife has a beautiful cr  azy design"
And t  ime seemed to sa  y
"Forget the w  orld and all its wei  ght"    
H  ere I just wann  a say
Amazing d  ay
Amazing d  ay
S  at on a roof
Named every st  ar and
S  howed me a place
Where you can b  e who you are
And the vi  ew
The whole Milky W  ay
In your ey  es
I'm drifting aw  ay      
And in your ar  ms
I just wanna sw  ay
Amazing d  ay
Amazing da  y
Amazing da  y
Amazing da  y
And I asked every bo  ok
Poetry and ch  ime
"Can there be bre  aks
In the chaos of ti  mes? "
Oh thanks G  od
You must've heard when I p  rayed
Because now I al  ways
Want to feel this way
Amazing d  ay
Amazing d  ay
Amazing d  ay
Amazing d  ay


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